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You are about to begin the entry process to 2018 Finn World Masters
We remind you that your entry will be oficially accepted when the following has been done:
- Pay the registration
- Present at the Club Race Office all the additional information requested in the Notice of Race so it can be validated by the Technical team
- Sign the registration form that will be handed out at the Race Office when you hand in the requested documentation
When filling this form, please be reminded that all fields marked with an asterisk (*) are compulsory

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I agree to be governed by the Racing Rules of World Sailing, by the Class Rules, by the Notice of Race (and specifically points 16 and 17) and by the Sailing Instructions; and I accept the penalties assessed under these rules and such other action as may be taken hereunder, subject to such appeal and review procedures as are provided herein, as the final determination of any matter arising under these Rules; and I agree not to report to any Court or Tribunal not provided herein with respect to such determination.

I accept that under RRS Fundamental Rule 4, it is my solely responsibility to decide whether or not to start or to continue to race, and I agree not to report to any Court or Tribunal with respect to such decision and its consequences.

I declare that the dates below are right, I'm current with the minimum third part liability insurance cover of 1.500.000.-€. and I comply with point 3.1 of the Notice of Race.

I declare that the rights of image and intellectual property concerning to photographic and audio-visual contents produced and broadcasted during this competition are going to be assigned and managed by Club Nàutic El Balís, that commits itself to use optimum technical resources and to follow the current laws, specifically Spanish Organic Law 5/1982 of 5 May, about civil honour protection, personal and familiar privacy, and the image itself.

In accordance with article 5, Spanish Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December about personal data protection, we inform you that this Entity has a file, communicated to the Data Protection General Registry, containing all the necessary personal details for the development of our activity. Club Nàutic El Balís, is responsible for such data base and, in accordance with the law, you can use your rights of access, amendment, cancellation or opposition with respect to the data included in the mentioned file.